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DUCK AND COVER – a free AUTUMN novella

If (like me) you’re keen to find a distraction from things happening here in the UK today, you could do far worse than heading over to to read DUCK AND COVER, a free 10,000 word AUTUMN novella. I hope you enjoy it. Tell your friends.

Duck and Cover - graphics and animation by Daniel Boucher

Before you read the story, please take a few moments to watch the beautiful and incredibly atmospheric accompanying animation, which was put together for me by the very talented Daniel Boucher (of A huge public thank you to Dan. Centrepiece of this artwork is the original 1950’s public safety movie from the US which gave this story its title and inspiration. Leave it playing in the background while you’re reading… it adds to the effect!

AUTUMN: PURIFICATION – UK edition out now

The new UK hardcover edition of AUTUMN: PURIFICATION is out now!

Autumn: Purification - the third book in David Moody's AUTUMN seriesOne day in September a virulent plague spread throughout the world, killing billions. Even now the full horror of the plague is just beginning, for the dead are not just dead…

One small group of survivors is imprisoned in an underground base, trapped between the door to the outside world and the sealed entrance to an airtight cocoon where hundreds of soldiers sit and wait for rescue.

On the surface the crowd of bodies is growing in size every day, drawn there by the heat and the noise of the people hiding underground beneath their rotting feet. The sheer mass of decaying flesh above begins to cause problems for the military when vents become blocked, but a mission to clear the dead starts a vicious battle. And there are far more of the dead…

The book is available from all usual outlets (Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository etc.), and signed copies can be ordered from Enjoy!

Ciudad Zombie – Autumn: The City arrives in Spain

Today sees the release by Minotauro of CIUDAD ZOMBIE – the Spanish edition of AUTUMN: THE CITY, the first sequel to AUTUMN (SEPTIEMBRE ZOMBIE in Spain).

Ciudad Zombie - the Spanish edition of Autumn: The City

Una agresiva enfermedad ha acabado con el noventa y nueve por ciento de la población mundial y ha transformado la faz del planeta. Un pequeño grupo de supervivientes encuentra refugio entre las ruinas de una ciudad devastada. Sobreviven entre los escombros, aterrorizados por los efectos que la horrible infección tiene en los cuerpos de los muertos. La repentina aparición de una compañía desoldados vuelve a amenazar la frágil existencia de los supervivientes. ¿Traerán con ellos esperanza, ayuda y respuestas, o tan sólo más miedo y sufrimiento?

«¡Regocijaos, fans de los zombies! Una de las más originales novelas de muertos vivientes ha salido de la tumba para recordarnos lo que realmente significa tener un asiento de primera fila en el fin del mundo. Ciudad Zombie es escalofriante, un estudio sociológico de lo que ocurre cuando los muertos vuelven y de lo que debemos hacer para sobrevivir.»

Genre for Japan – exclusive AUTUMN auction

No-one can fail to have been moved by the events which happened (and which continue to happen) in Japan two weeks ago. Sitting here, it’s impossible to fully comprehend the scale of the devastation and the number of lives which have been either ended or affected.

Genre for JapanGENRE FOR JAPAN has been formed to raise funds for the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal. It’s doing this by auctioning donations from people who work in the science-fiction, fantasy and horror community. Bidding starts on Monday, and I’d like to urge all of you to consider either bidding on an item(s) or making a direct donation to the appeal.

I’m sure you’ll be tempted by many of the lots which have been donated, but I’d like to draw your attention to my donation. If you’re a fan of AUTUMN (and I sincerely hope you are!), then you might want to put a bid in…

I’m offering an exclusive opportunity for the winning bidder to become part of the AUTUMN series. As well as receiving signed copies of all the UK hardcover editions (you’ll get books 1 and 2 straightaway, book 3 next month, book 4 in November and the final book on release in 2012), you’ll also appear as a character in the final book – AUTUMN: AFTERMATH. Not only that – you’ll be able to chose whether you appear as a survivor or a zombie. Not only that – your character will get their own, original, illustrated short story published on

Sound good? Click here to check out the auctions, and please consider bidding on Monday. Thank you.

AUTUMN: THE CITY – out now!

THE CITY – the second book in the AUTUMN series – is out now!

A disease of unimaginable ferocity has torn across the face of the planet leaving billions dead. A small group of survivors shelter in the remains of a devastated city, hiding in terror as the full effects of the horrific infection start to become clear. The sudden appearance of a company of soldiers again threatens the survivors’ fragile existence. Do they bring with them hope, help and answers, or more pain, fear and suffering?

St Martin’s Griffin (US) ISBN 9780312570002

Available from:
BOOK DEPOSITORY (free worldwide shipping)

Gollancz (UK) ISBN 9780575091320


Signed copies available from INFECTED BOOKS

Otherworldverlag (Germany) ISBN 9783902607102


Signed copies available from INFECTED BOOKS

Discuss the books over at the official forum or the new Facebook group – Moody’s Survivors.

New AUTUMN website – Last of the Living – launching within the week! More details to follow shortly…

Suspense Magazine lists AUTUMN as one of their best of 2010!

Suspense Magazine today announced their Best of 2010 list, and I’m really pleased that they’ve chosen AUTUMN as one of the best horror books of 2010.

I recently appeared on the Suspense Magazine radio show, and you can listen to the broadcast here. Unfortunately technical issues prevented me from getting on until 40 minutes into the hour long show (it was 2:40am by then, so forgive me if I sound like a tired and frustrated Brummie!).

Autumn article in new issue of SciFiNow

Thanks to the team at SciFiNow for including ‘Self-Made Man’ – a piece I put together for them about the re-publication of AUTUMN – in issue 48 of the magazine which has just hit the shelves.

As well as the AUTUMN article, the mag also includes features on Tron Legacy, Rise of the Apes, 25 movies that changed SciFi, a visit to Skywalker ranch… It’s a cracking issue this month. Just go and get it!

Autumn Giveaway

I’m getting ready to head out for Leicester shortly for tonight’s signing, so I’ll keep this brief. Tucked away in my last post were the details of an AUTUMN giveaway. Entries will close at midnight tomorrow, so here’s a recap of how to get your hands on one of five signed copies of the new UK hardback edition of the book:

For a chance to win a copy, just email with the subject ‘Spread the Infection’. One email per person please, but you can earn yourself an extra entry or two by sharing this on Facebook or re-tweeting it on Twitter (just include details in your entry email). The winners will be chosen at random and, as always with my competitions, my decision is final! Good luck!

Hope to see some of you in Leicester tonight. Report and photos from this round of signings and events to come soon.

PLEASE NOTE – this competition is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly.