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I get a lot of emails, and a lot of them ask the same things. Rather than have to wait for ages to get an answer from me (it’s like getting blood out of a stone sometimes) I’ve set up this page to answer the most common questions I get.

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When will HATER be released in my country?

HATER has been sold to a number of different countries which are listed below (with publishers and release dates where these have been publically announced).

  • Australia – Hachette / Gollancz – Available now
  • Brazil (Hater – Ódio Mortal) – ARX – Available now
  • Canada – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now
  • Czech Republic – Vikend – Available now
  • France (Rage) – Milady – Available now
  • Germany (Im Wahn) – Goldmann – Available now
  • Italy – Urania/Mondadori – Available now
  • Japan – Random House Japan – Available now
  • Korea
  • Poland (Amok) – Amber – Available now
  • Portugal (Odio) – Caramelo – Available now
  • Romania – Leda – Available now
  • Russia
  • Spain (Odio) – Minotauro – Available now
  • Taiwan – China Times – Available now
  • Turkey – Available now
  • UK – Gollancz – Available now
  • USA – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now

Updated: 26 April 2015

What’s the latest with the movie?

The HATER movie is in active development. A 2017 shoot is planned. More information can be found here.

Updated: 15 November 2016

When will DOG BLOOD be released in my country?

  • Australia – Hachette / Gollancz – Available now
  • Canada – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now
  • France – Milady
  • Germany (Todeshunger) – Goldmann – Available now
  • Poland (Wsciekla krew) – Amber – Available now
  • Spain – Minotauro
  • Turkey
  • UK –  Gollancz – Available now
  • USA – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now

Updated: 17 May 2011

When will THEM OR US be released in my country?

  • Australia – Hachette / Gollancz – Available now
  • Canada – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now
  • Turkey
  • UK –  Gollancz – Available now
  • USA – Thomas Dunne Books / St Martins Press – Available now

Updated: 2 February 2012

How many books make up the HATER series?

The series is comprised of two trilogies. The first includes HATER, DOG BLOOD and THEM OR US. The seconds trilogy takes place in and around the first. The first of the new books, ONE OF US WILL BE DEAD BY MORNING, is scheduled for publication in August 2017 and will be followed by THE OTHER HALF and THE LAST SUMMER. More news to follow shortly.

Updated: 25 July 2016

Are there audio books of the HATER series?

Yes. Audio adaptations of HATER, DOG BLOOD, and THEM OR US, all read by Gerard Doyle, are available from Blackstone Audio. CD, MP3 CD, cassette and Playaway editions are available. You can also download them from and iTunes.

Updated: 2 February 2012

When will the AUTUMN books be released in my country?

  • Germany – all books now available
  • Italy – Autumn, l’attaco dei Morte Viventi (Autumn) available now
  • Spain – Septiembre Zombie (Autumn), Ciudad Zombie (The City), and Zona Zombie (Purification) are available now
  • UK – all books now available
  • US – all books now available

Updated: 25 July 2016

How many books are in the series?



Updated: 21 June 2013

In which order should the books be read?

As per the previous answer.

Updated: 21 March 2011


THE HUMAN CONDITION is a collection of short stories and novellas set in and around the AUTUMN world. Many of these stories are now available free via An expanded edition of the book, fully re-edited and containing an additional 40,000 words of content is now available from Infected Books.

Updated: 21 June 2013

How do I get to see the movie?

The AUTUMN movie is available on DVD in a number of different countries (listed below). You can also get the film via VOD (iTunes, etc.), and in the UK it’s regularly shown on the Horror Channel (Sky channel 319, Virgin 149 and Freesat 138).

  • France  (Autumn: Fin Du Monde)
  • Germany (Autumn of the Living Dead, re-released as – I kid you not – The Dead Walk)
  • Greece
  • Holland
  • Russia (Ideal Virus)
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • US

Updated: 17 September 2013

Where’s the free download?

Following the acquisation of the AUTUMN series by Thomas Dunne Books, the free download of AUTUMN has been discontinued. Hey… don’t shout at me – it was available for more than 5 years and in excess of half a million people downloaded it!

Updated: 2 February 2009


AUTUMN: ECHOES was a collection of brief stories which explained the background of some of the supporting characters from the AUTUMN novels. They also formed a part of THE HUMAN CONDITION (see earlier answer). These stories and more are available free online at

Updated: 20 May 2012

Will there be audio adaptations of the books?

Nothing has been agreed as yet, however you can still listen to Darker Projects excellent free dramatization of the first AUTUMN book. Click here to listen! If you want audio books, why not email or (the makers of the HATER audiobooks) with your request?

Updated: 20 May 2012

What is THE FRONT, and what part did you write?

THE FRONT is a World War II zombie series conceived by Timothy W. Long and Craig DiLouie. I wrote the second book in the series, RED DEVILS.

Updated: 15 February 2017

Will you blurb/critique/edit my book for me?

Sorry, no. I refuse to blurb or critique anything without reading the whole piece of work, and I just don’t have the time to do that right now. Please don’t email your work to me at this moment in time. Thanks. If the position changes in future, I’ll update this answer.

Updated: 17 July 2013

What’s happening with ISOLATION?

ISOLATION has stalled. Unfortunately, as is often the way with these labour of love projects (i.e. projects where there’s no cash involved and everyone’s working for free), they have to take second place to other contractual obligations. And there are too many contractual obligations right now… You can, however, read a novella adaptation of the original screenplay which is now available as part of LAST OF THE LIVING.

Updated: 28 September 2014

Can I get THE COST OF LIVING and ISOLATION in print?

Yes. Both novellas (and all of their associated short stories) are available in a paperback collection called LAST OF THE LIVING. Click here for more information.

Updated: 28 September 2014

When will TRUST be available again?

Now. Visit to find out more about the novel, to buy the book or to read the free online serialisation.

Updated: 22 July 2012

When will STRAIGHT TO YOU be available again?

Now. Visit to find out more.

Updated: 28 September 2014

Whatever happened to MARK THANE?

Wow. If you remember Mark Thane, you’ve got a good memory! This book was an aborted web serial from pre-2006. Mark’s story has been adapted into a new novel – 17 DAYS – and more news will be available soon.

Updated: 21 June 2013

What is your privacy policy?

My privacy policy is simple – any information you provide via this website will be held in strict confidence and will not be used for any purposes other than to allow you to view the website and post comments. All information will be permanently removed upon request.

Updated: 14 July 2009

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(credit: Grace Elkin Photography)

(credit: Grace Elkin Photography)

David Moody has an unhealthy fascination with the end of the world. ‘People tend to just float along on the day-to-day and assume everything’s always going to stay the same,’ he says, ‘but that’s not the case. Sooner or later something’s going to happen to screw everything up. Whether it’s a plague epidemic, an asteroid hitting the planet, climate change or the meltdown of the global economy, something’s going to get us eventually!’

Moody grew up on a diet of horror movies and post-apocalyptic fiction. After reading Wyndham’s Day of the Triffids and H G Wells’ War of the Worlds, and watching the original Night of the Living Dead in the middle of the night during an epic thunderstorm, he was hooked. ‘It was the power of those stories which really got to me, the way that events outside the control of any authority might one day impact on absolutely everyone.’

After leaving school and ending up working in a high street bank (enough to make anyone contemplate Armageddon on a regular basis), Moody decided he wanted to make the kind of films he spent so much time watching. Unfortunately, with no relevant training or expertise, it was never going to be easy. So he looked for an alternative route and found one. ‘I’d always enjoyed writing, and I knew I could string words together and make them entertaining, so putting the stories I’d wanted to film into novel form was a logical solution.’

Within six months he’d written Straight to You which was published by a small UK publisher. Sales figures were microscopic, but Moody immediately started work on several other books.

The unexpected sudden arrival of a family and all the associated trappings (no time, no money, large mortgage etc.) kept Moody away from writing for a while. By the time his next book Autumn was finished, the Internet had begun to change the way information and media was being shared and he saw an opportunity. ‘I figured I had two choices,’ he explains. ‘I could either try and sell the novel to a publisher and hope for more success than last time, or I could resign myself to the fact I probably wasn’t going to sell thousands of books and make loads of money and do something different. I decided to give the book away and used it to build up a readership.’

Autumn became an on-line phenomenon, racking up more than half a million downloads and spawning a series of sequels. In 2005 Moody formed ‘Infected Books’ – his own publishing house through which he independently published his books as paperbacks and ebooks. ‘I used to hate the term “self-published”… it conjures up images of awful books which really shouldn’t be published. The reality is that lots of authors who could get their books ‘traditionally’ released, choose to retain control and publish their books themselves. The availability of Print on Demand technology and the increasing popularity of ebooks makes it possible for any writer to get their work onto the shelves of bookstores and online retailers on their own.’

Moody sold tens of thousands of his ‘Infected Books’ and went on to publish a novel called Hater in July 2006. Within three months of its release he’d had contact with a major US production company who were interested in acquiring the film rights. A deal was done and the movie is currently in production with Guillermo del Toro (Director of Hellboy I and IIPan’s LabyrinthThe Hobbit) and Mark Johnson (Breaking Bad, The Chronicles of Narnia films) producing. Glen Mazzarra (The Walking Dead) wrote the initial draft of the movie script.

Within months of the Hater deal, the film rights to the first Autumn novel were sold to Renegade Motion Pictures in Canada. Their film, starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine, is available on DVD around the world.

‘I’ve created a monster,’ Moody said in an open letter to his readers in late 2007. And he had. The success of Infected Books was beginning to cause problems: the running of the business was taking up an ever increasing amount of time. ‘It meant that I didn’t have enough time to write, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that for a writer, that’s not good!’

In November 2007, Moody sold Hater and its two planned sequels to Thomas Dunne Books, a division of St Martin’s Press in the US. Subsidiary rights were subsequently sold to the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Russia and many other countries. In the summer of 2008, Thomas Dunne Books acquired the Autumn series and Moody mothballed Infected Books.

‘I’d been leading a bizarre double-life for years,’ he says. ‘I’ve literally had Hollywood producers on the phone while I’ve been standing in the living room trying to get the kids to bed and stop the dog barking! Now I’m able to write full time and I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to get my books out to a vastly increased audience with the powerful and professional support of some of the most important publishers and filmmakers working in the fields of horror, fantasy and science-fiction today.’

In July 2012, with his immediate contractual obligations complete, Moody returned to his independent roots, publishing a new edition of an earlier novel – Trust – through Infected Books. ‘I’ve been fortunate to have been published traditionally in a number of different countries, and I’ve sold more books than I ever dared dream. But I still get asked constantly about my self-publishing days, and I’ve often found myself wondering what would happen if I did it again today. The marketplace has changed so dramatically over the years and has grown so much… I thought it was time for an experiment!’

Moody is currently working on a number of book and film projects, for both mainstream and independent release.

Contact details and publicity photos can be found by clicking here.

Happy Holidays

This is probably going to be my last post of the year, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I hope you’re able to relax, enjoy yourselves, and spend some decent time with the people who matter to you. I intend doing as little as possible for as long as possible (if the kids will let me!).

I also wanted to thank everyone – particularly those of you who’ve followed my writing for some time and who’ve been incredibly patient – for your support throughout 2009. It was a landmark year for me as I finally made the switch from independent to traditional publishing. I know it’s been a long time since I actually gave you anything new to read, but all that will change in 2010. As well as DOG BLOOD, the re-release of the first AUTUMN book, and the US and UK release of the AUTUMN movie on DVD, there will be plenty more to announce next year… release dates for the rest of the AUTUMN series (sooner than you might think), news about the HATER film, free HATER fiction and much more coming very, very soon!

Enjoy the holidays. Have a great time. See you back here in 2010!

Merry Christmas!

A couple of US pre-orders for 2010

My first US releases for 2010 have started to appear online. You can now pre-order the paperback edition of HATER, which hits stores on 13 April next year. Click the cover for more information.

And then, just a couple of months later, DOG BLOOD will be released. The US hardback edition from Thomas Dunne Books can now be pre-ordered here.

More details for more countries to follow very soon!

About that book sale…

Thanks to everyone who has already ordered books from my impromptu book sale. Some titles have already sold out and I seem to have spent more time in the post office than I have at my desk this last week!

I just wanted to say a couple of things…

  1. if you’re thinking of ordering, get in fast!
  2. I’m going to hold a quick competition to thank everyone for their interest and their orders

At the end of 2009 (or when my stock of books is gone, whichever comes sooner) I’ll put the names of everyone who has made an order since the sale was announced into a hat. One name will be drawn at random and that person will receive:

  • a piece of AUTUMN artwork signed by Dickon Tolson (who plays Carl in the movie) and myself
  • a HATER t-shirt
  • a couple of additional signed books which are so limited they didn’t even make it into the sale!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and your orders. To learn more, please visit, and if you have any questions, contact me here.

Infected Books

Dog Blood

Okay, so the book is still more than 6 months away, but it’s up for pre-order on so I thought this would be a great opportunity to tease the UK edition.

Picking up three months after the end of the first book, DOG BLOOD follows Danny McCoyne as he fights through what’s left of the bizarre, brutal, violent and seriously screwed-up remains of the post-HATER world. Here’s a summary from Gollancz (which you shouldn’t read if you haven’t read HATER):

“The world has suffered a catastrophe of unknown cause, dividing humankind into two: the Haters and the Unchanged. Each group believes the other to be the enemy; each group is fighting for survival. Only by working together can the enemy – whoever that enemy is – be defeated. There are no other choices. Danny McCoyne has managed to break free, and after days of indiscriminate fighting and killing, he is determined to make his way home, to recalim the only thing of any value to him in this strange new world: his daughter Ellis. Unlike his wife and son, Ellis is like him, and he knows, in his heart of hearts, that she is not dead. His dearest wish is for Ellis to be fighting for the world at his side – but Danny soon discovers his daughter is worth far more than just another fighting body. Others like him have discovered that children are absolutely vital to the cause. They are strong, small, fast, and they have no inhibitions. They are pure Haters…”

Watch this space – there’s more to come early in the new year including some free fiction to span the gap between the two books and, to mark the release of DOG BLOOD and the US mass-market paperback of HATER, an ‘interesting’ competition! More soon.

Signed and rare books for sale

Bit of an unusual post, this one… I’ve been clearing out my office and my attic and I’ve decided it’s time for a sale! In perfect time for Christmas (coincidence – honest!), I’ve found a few boxes of books which I’m selling off through

There are a few special items here which I’d like to draw your attention to…

I acquired a small batch of copies of the original Infected Books edition of AUTUMN for the recent Grimm Up North festival, and I’m selling off the surplus. Please get in quick – this is absolutely the last time the book will be available before its re-issue through Thomas Dunne Books in the US and Gollancz in the UK in September / October 2010.

Autumn Straight to You Hater

Also, whilst clearing out I discovered a couple of copies of the original Infected Books release of HATER and a box of hardcover copies of Straight to You. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while will know that whilst I still love the concept of Straight to You, I think the book has dated badly and I’m more than happy to let these copies go. I haven’t wanted to set a specific price for these rare editions (only 500 copies of the Straight to You hardback were ever produced, so this is about as rare as it gets for me!). I’m happy to accept any sensible offers based on how much having the books would mean to you.

I hope this is interesting to some of you. If you have any questions or you want any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Use this page here to contact me.

Grimmfest – AUTUMN UK premier details

Tickets are now available for the UK premier of the AUTUMN movie at the Grimmfest festival in Manchester on 1st November. Here’s the announcement from the official press release:

AUTUMN GUESTS. To celebrate the premiere screening of Steve Rumbelow’s AUTUMN, we are pleased to welcome the film’s stars Dexter Fletcher (Lock Stock, Layer Cake) and Dickon Tolson (The Bill, Casualty, Peak Practice), together with author David Moody, whose cult novels were the basis for the film. David has just had the option on his novel HATER picked up by Mexican master of the macabre Guillermo del Toro, and will be on hand to sign copies of his books. Then he and the film’s stars will all attend a Q&A after the screening on the Sunday!


It’s going to be a cracker! Let me know if you’re going to be there and we’ll say hello. Get your tickets from the festival website by clicking here.

He didn’t kill anyone!

If you’ve read chapter four of HATER, the title of this post will make sense! A fantastic time was had last night, courtesy of The Men They Couldn’t Hang. I finally got to meet Swill in person, and he even wore his MAG shirt for me (as per his appearance in HATER!).


TMTCH are an absolutely cracking live band with a loyal and dedicated following. There’s still time to catch them on tour in the UK, click here for dates and venues. I’d thoroughly recommend going. The missus and I had an excellent night and it was great to be able to put faces to the names of the people I’d killed in that notorious scene in HATER!

By the way, apologies for the terrible photo and the gormless / knackered / vacant expression on my face. I went to the gig straight from running around this beautiful spot (click).