Steadman’s last stand

Amy Steadman, illustration by Craig Paton www.craigpaton.comThe final instalment of the late Amy Steadman’s story is now available at, accompanied as usual by another beautiful illustration from Craig Paton (check out Craig’s new blog, by the way).

Amy makes an uncredited appearance in AUTUMN: PURIFICATION – finally hitting shelves in the US on 16 August. Watch out for an introduction to KILGORE – another new character – coming shortly.

My favourite corpse returns…

That headline is probably wrong on many levels, but it made you look…

Amy Steadman illustrated by Craig Paton (

Another part of the late Amy Steadman’s story has been added to today, accompanied as ever with stunning artwork by Craig Paton.

I’m thrilled with how the project is developing. Wayne Simmons was kind enough to heap a little praise on it in his recent post over at Dark Central Station (thanks, Wayne!), and there’s still a load more content to come. I have a huge amount of fiction left to add, and a lot more great artwork. There are still a few stories requiring illustrations. You’ve seen what I’m after, so please drop me a line if you’re interested in contributing.

Amy Steadman has been dead for almost five days…

Amy Steadman, illustrated by Craig PatonThis week over at, another day in the life (death?) of my favourite reanimated corpse, Amy Steadman, beautifully illustrated as usual by the outrageously talented Craig Paton.

“Amy Steadman has been dead for almost five days. Her body has deteriorated to a remarkable extent. She is weakening physically, but now other, far more ominous changes are beginning to occur. Amy is becoming aware.”