2012 Book Clearance Sale

The Infected Books website has been updated with a full list of signed books available in my annual book sale. Visit www.infectedbooks.co.uk for more information. Copies of the UK paperback edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH are now shipping! Bring a little apocalyptic horror into your family’s Christmas this year!

And as it’s Monday, a new chapter of TRUST is also available. Chapter 40 is now online at www.trustdavidmoody.com.


Another last minute, end of the day, end of the week update

Hello! As I said earlier this week, I’m rapidly approaching a deadline so updates have been sparse this week. Here are a few bullet points for Friday evening…

Chapter 39 of TRUST is now online. Visit www.trustdavidmoody.com to read it. Two weeks left until the story reaches it’s conclusion…

A quick head’s-up: A little later than most years, but I’ll be launching my annual end of the year signed book sale next week, clearing the shelves for 2013. Expect big reductions on certain titles. You’ll also be able to get your hands on signed UK AUTUMN: AFTERMATH paperbacks, though stocks will be limited.

On the subject of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH – don’t forget to sign-up if you’re interested in picking up the limited edition Infected Books hardcover early next year. It’ll match your other Gollancz AUTUMN hardcovers!

And finally, I’ll be at Waterstones in Swindon tomorrow for my last signing event of the year with Wayne Simmons. If you’re in the area, please come and say hello. We’ve had a brilliant time out and about these last few weeks. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported us and to all the stores/event managers for having us! We’ll be at Waterstones from 11am tomorrow.

Important announcement – AUTUMN: AFTERMATH hardcover

I promised you some news about the AUTUMN: AFTERMATH UK hardcover, and here it is. First, a little background information.

As you know, the publishing industry is changing rapidly, almost by the day. What was economically viable last month, may not be today. Also, here in the UK, many public libraries are closing or reducing the service they offer.

So what’s all this got to do with the publication of the final AUTUMN book? Quite simply, the market for hardcover editions has vastly reduced. In light of this and other factors, Gollancz has reviewed its policy towards producing hardcovers, and the decision has been taken not to release them for many new books. Can you see where this is going? The team at Gollancz has, regrettably, decided not to publish the AFTERMATH hardcover.

But wait! The folks at Gollancz are great people, and I run a (very) small publishing company, so between us we’ve come up with a solution, and I think you’ll like it.

In early 2013, the UK hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH will be published by Infected Books.

I’m really excited about this – it feels very right. The Infected Books edition will (hopefully) match the look and feel of the previous hardcovers, so will complete the set nicely. Pricing and ordering details etc. will be announced shortly. I can’t say much else right now, but I guess the major difference I need to make you aware of is that this will be a limited (signed and numbered) edition.

I want everyone to be able to get hold of the book, so I’m opening up a mailing list solely for announcements about the release. If you’re interested, please visit this page and add your email with absolutely no obligation.

Finally, if you pre-ordered the Gollancz hardcover and have been waiting expectantly – I’m sorry. Please cancel your orders and hold tight. Alternatively, if you can’t wait and you want to read the book now, the trade paperback is available from the following: Amazon / Book Depository / Waterstones, and the eBook is available in all the usual formats: Kindle / iBook / ePub / Kobo.

Quick end of the week round-up

Sorry for the brief (and late) post today… Juggling a few self-imposed deadlines right now.

First things first, don’t forget that Wayne Simmons and I will be signing at Waterstones in Hull tomorrow from 1pm. Hope to see plenty of you there. Our final signing of the year is on 8th December at Waterstones in Swindon.

Second… apologies for the lack of news about the UK hardcover edition of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH. I should have some news for you early next week. In the meantime, the paperback is now available from Amazon, the Book Depository and Waterstones etc.

Finally for this week, another chapter of TRUST is now available to read over at www.trustdavidmoody.com. Not long left to go now before the entire novel is online. Hope you’re enjoying it. Remember you can get the book as an eBook, paperback and limited edition hardcover. All the details can be found here.

Hope to see some of you in Hull tomorrow.


The final book in the AUTUMN series – AFTERMATH – is out today in the UK from Gollancz.

“A fine study of the human race’s chances in a post-post-apocalyptic world.” —Kirkus

“British horror at its absolute best.” —Starburst

“As demonstrated throughout his previous novels, readers should crown Moody king of the zombie horror novel, and his final book in the Autumn series adds a much-deserved jewel to his crown.” —Booklist

Paperback available from: Amazon.co.uk / Book Depository / Waterstones

Ebook: Kindle / iBook / ePub

(Please note: The previously advertised hardcover edition of the book has not yet been released. More information will follow about this version in due course. In the meantime, please pick up the UK trade paperback edition as linked above. Apologies for any inconvenience.)

Kieran Cope’s AUTUMN: ECHO

So here we go. As promised yesterday, here’s Kieran’s AUTUMN short story. Once again, huge thanks to Kieran for his generosity and for being such a willing ‘victim’. Click here to visit www.lastoftheliving.net and read Kieran’s story.

The final part of the lot I put up for auction was to have the winning bidder’s short story illustrated. As you probably know, I’ve been working with the excellent Craig Paton a lot recently, and he seemed the ideal person to produce Kieran’s portrait. You can see Kieran just to the left of this text, and Craig’s beautiful illustration is reproduced below. I’ll be presenting Kieran with a signed print later this year.

Once again, thanks to Kieran for his support of the Genre for Japan initiative last year, and thanks also to Craig for producing another piece of top quality artwork. Visit Craig at www.craigpaton.com.

Come back here again tomorrow when AUTUMN: AFTERMATH is launched in the UK at long last.

New AUTUMN: AFTERMATH short story

As you probably already know, AUTUMN: AFTERMATH is released in the UK this week. One of the characters in the story is a chap by the name of Kieran Cope, and today I wanted to give you a little bit of background about him.

Cast your minds back to 11th March 2011, and the tragic events which unfolded when a devastating earthquake struck Japan, triggering a tsunami which resulted in damage of almost apocalyptic proportions. In the days and weeks which followed, numerous appeals were launched to try and provide aid to the stricken Japanese people. Genre for Japan was launched – an auction of rare and/or exclusive donations from a number of writers, artists and other genre professionals. I donated a complete set of AUTUMN books, along with the chance to appear in the final novel, and to have a new short story written about the winning bidder.

I watched the online auction with amazement – not just my lot, but all the others too. The sheer amount of cash being pledged was remarkable, with over £11,000 raised in total by the time all the bids were in. And I was thrilled to learn that my donation had gone for £290. The winning bidder was a gentleman by the name of Kieran Cope. I’ll let him explain…

“I was first recommended to read David’s novels by a friend who knew about my love for horror fiction and the human psyche. The first of his novels I read was ‘Hater’ from the Hater Trilogy. I was immediately hooked by the detailed style of writing and the way David places each reader into the size 9’s of the main Characters. After further research I found that David had somewhat of a cult following on-line and soon became of follower of his facebook page and his projects in myself. 

Whilst posting a personal facebook message about my shock after witnessing the TV footage of the Japanese earthquake and resultant tsunami I started to wonder how I might be able to help or make a difference. A few weeks later my question was answered I noticed that David had an item up for auction, “Item 58” as part of the Genre for Japan web page, all proceeds going to British Red Cross’s Japan Tsunami appeal.

I was overjoyed when my bid was successful, and after a few days of wondering if it had all been just a dream the reality started to sink in, I was going to have a character based on me in the final book of the Autumn series and an illustrated short story would also be written and published on David’s website www.lastoftheliving.net. Wow!!

Having received a pre-release copy of the final book I can honestly say that I enjoyed it immensely and feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to be part of what I consider to be a modern cult classic series of novels.

There was one question David asked me during our email correspondence that I found so unbelievably difficult to answer. Did I want to be a survivor or a zombie? And to find out my answer you’re going to have to read the short story and of course the final book of the series Autumn: Aftermath. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

I guess by now many of you have read AFTERMATH, so you know all about Kieran. What you don’t know is what happened to him on the day the world died, and how he got to the place where we meet him at the beginning of the book. Come back here tomorrow and find out…


Right, nearly there with my recaps of the AUTUMN series in readiness for the UK release of AFTERMATH next week. Today I’m going to look at the various short stories I’ve written to expand and compliment the overall story over the years.

As I’ve already explained, AUTUMN started small but grew rapidly in size, its cast of characters growing with each new novel. Apart from jumping back in time to the beginning of the outbreak at the beginning of THE CITY, and the parallel events of PURIFICATION and DISINTEGRATION, it’s told in a largely linear way. That’s all well and good, but as I introduced each new character, I found myself wanting to go back and tell their individual backstories. To have done that within the books would have made them unnecessarily complicated, and so I came up with AUTUMN: ECHOES.

Originally appearing online only, these (very) short stories explained what had happened to minor background characters from THE CITY to get them from the end of the world to the city centre university where the survivors had grouped at the beginning of the book. It seemed to work so well I continued and did the same with some of the new characters from PURIFICATION too, and it was while I was putting together the third book that these ECHOES seemed to take on a life of their own. Here’s a brief extract from a scene near to the end of the book:

Eight weeks ago this had been an intelligent young clothing store department manager with a bright future ahead of her. Now it was a mud-splattered, half-naked, emaciated collection of brittle bone and rotting flesh. Unlike the majority of the seething crowd, however, this one was beginning to exhibit signs of real control and determination. Unlike those which simply stood there vacantly or those which ripped and tore at the other corpses immediately around them, this body was beginning to think.

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Once again, bear with me while I exorcise a few more AUTUMN memories. As with previous instalments, there may be spoilers here…

As I mentioned in last week’s post, by the time I’d finished writing the second AUTUMN novel, I was already plotting the third. THE CITY had opened up the story dramatically, and it was becoming clear to me that by killing off 99% of the population by the end of the first page of the first book, I’d given myself the mother of all blank canvases to work from. That said, AUTUMN: PURIFICATION was originally intended to be the end of the series, and it does bring the story of Michael, Emma and the other original survivors to a conclusion, albeit a temporary one.

THE CITY ended with all the major characters in one place (for the first time), trapped underground, and it would have been easy to write something along the lines of Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD. I knew I wanted to take AUTUMN in a very different direction, though, so I needed to get everyone out of the bunker they’d fought so hard to get into. I’d also started to take a fair amount of flack from people who weren’t at all impressed with my take on zombies. They didn’t like the idea of a zombie story without any flesh eating, divorced from many of the usual clichés of the genre. In response, I wanted to open the third book with a bang, hoping to demonstrate that even though my living dead creatures had started off relatively tame, they were now anything but!

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Autumn: Aftermath UK edition

The UK edition of AFTERMATH is still a few months away (unfortunately). I’m working on arranging a number of signings around the country to mark the release in November. Until then, here’s a look at the cover art courtesy of Gollancz.

There are a few more AUTUMN-related releases planned… As well as the German edition of AFTERMATH, the mass-market UK paperback version of DISINTEGRATION will be out in October. I’m also tentatively planning to release a free ebook version of THE HUMAN CONDITION later this year (i.e. an easier way for people to access all the free stories from www.lastoftheliving.net). Finally – and you’ll hear more about this next week – don’t forget that www.thisishorror.co.uk will be releasing the JOE AND ME chapbook on Monday, and as I’ve already said, there’s a very definite connection between that story and AUTUMN…