Missing in Action

As some of you will know, I had a few major deadlines to hit by the end of August, and they conspired to keep me away from this site. Apologies for the temporary lack of updates.

I’m back now, and I’ve got a lot of good stuff to tell you about over the coming days. Later this week I’ll be adding new stories to www.lastoftheliving.net including UNDERGROUND – a glimpse into what happened in the military bunker after the catastrophic battle at the beginning of PURIFICATION.

I’ll also be adding a few posts about AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION: introducing the new characters, giving you an outline of the plot and how it ties in with the other novels in the series, and explaining why it’s taken so long (almost five years!) to get to publication.

It’s going to be a busy year with several more releases planned including THEM OR US and DISINTEGRATION, I have plenty more to share – news of some great events and appearances being planned for the end of this year, competitions, some top secret projects, and loads more besides. To whet your appetite for something happening later this month, check out page 7 of the September edition of The Zombie Times (and if you don’t already receive The Zombie Times, visit this link to rectify that immediately!).

Giveaway winners

Congratulations to the following people who are the winners of last week’s AUTUMN: PURIFICATION giveaway. You should all have received a Facebook/Twitter message or email by now. As soon as you confirm your addresses, your books will be posted out.

  • James Martin
  • Connor Wood
  • Jamie Friesen
  • William Wardell
  • Dave Brown

Thanks to everyone who entered! More competitions/giveaways coming soon, so please do keep following me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads etc. and join the mailing list.


I’ve got five copies of the new US edition of AUTUMN: PURIFICATION to give away (courtesy of the good folks at Thomas Dunne Books).


To enter, just do one or more of the following before midday (UK time) on Saturday 20th August (you’ll get an entry for each you do).

If you’re already a Twitter follower or Facebook fan, just tweet/post about the book and remember to include the appropriate tag.

Good luck! Remember – as always – the competition is open worldwide, and my decision is final. Only one tweet and one Facebook post per person please. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday 21st August.

AUTUMN: PURIFICATION US edition now available!

The third book in the AUTUMN series is now available from Thomas Dunne Books/St Martin’s Griffin.

Trapped between the military and the dead, the remaining survivors carve out a fragile and uncertain existence. In a moment of madness their safety and security is jeopardised. All hope is gone, but in the rotting shadows of the past, they find the key to what remains of their future . . .

Autumn - Purification US Cover Available from:




(free worldwide shipping)

Purification – one day to release

There’s just one day to go before AUTUMN: PURIFICATION is released in the US (it’s already available in the UK and Germany). The third AUTUMN book was always a special one for me. First released in September 2004, it concludes the original trilogy. It’s also particularly exciting, because this book wraps up the re-releases. Next up is AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION, and I can’t wait for it to finally be available after having been delayed for so long (5 years and counting… more about that very soon).

So, to whet your appetite for PURIFICATION, why not head over to www.lastoftheliving.net and catch up on the back stories of the characters you’ll meet for the first time in the book. Jim Harper, Brigid Culthorpe, Karen Chase, Harry Stayt, Peter Guest, Gary Keele, Jackie Soames, Juliet Appleby, Jacob Flynn… they all play major roles.

And finally, read Kilgore – added to the site this morning. Kilgore’s not immune, nor is he one of the infected. He’s a cowardly, weak, terrified weasel of a man who just happens to have survived long enough to play an important part in PURIFICATION.

Please read, enjoy, and come back here tomorrow for a chance to win one of five signed copies of the new book.

Last of the Living - the official AUTUMN website

Autumn: Aftermath

I know I’m going way out of sequence here, but I thought you might like to see the cover art for the US release of AUTUMN: AFTERMATH, the final book in the AUTUMN series which is due out next March. I really like it – it captures certain aspects of the book perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what those aspects are or give you any information about the plot just yet, because that’d mean giving away spoilers for both PURIFICATION and DISINTEGRATION.

Now I’ve just got to get the damn thing finished!

The Autumn artists – Craig Paton

No updates from me in quite a while… Very sorry. I’ve been working flat out to get AUTUMN: AFTERMATH delivered, and this week I’m actually sat in a caravan in Wales with the family, so my time online has been massively reduced. We’re taking a short break around the locations which originally inspired the first AUTUMN book and STRAIGHT TO YOU. I’ll share some holiday pictures when I get back.

In the meantime, I’ve been planning to put together a series of features about the artists who’ve contributed to www.lastoftheliving.net. Craig Paton, who you’ll know from his magnificent Amy Steadman artwork as well as the covers for Iain McKinnons Domain and Remains of the Dead, has put together a fascinating piece on his blog about how Amy came into being. Head over to his site here and read it.

I’ll be back up to speed shortly and will catch up on my outstanding emails etc. as soon as I’m home. Oh, and I’ll have an AUTUMN: PURIFICATION giveaway for you next week.

Steadman’s last stand

Amy Steadman, illustration by Craig Paton www.craigpaton.comThe final instalment of the late Amy Steadman’s story is now available at www.lastoftheliving.net, accompanied as usual by another beautiful illustration from Craig Paton (check out Craig’s new blog, by the way).

Amy makes an uncredited appearance in AUTUMN: PURIFICATION – finally hitting shelves in the US on 16 August. Watch out for an introduction to KILGORE – another new character – coming shortly.

Another Purification update

Juliet Appleby, illustrated by Antony White (www.blackpapersky.co.uk)Apologies for the lack of updates this week – I have a few important deadlines which I need to concentrate on hitting. Normal service will be resumed very shortly.

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to Juliet Appleby, another new character who appears in AUTUMN: PURIFICATION. Juliet’s story is available to read now over at www.lastoftheliving.net, and is accompanied by another atmospheric illustration from Antony White (www.blackpapersky.co.uk).