Recommended reading – Sean Page’s ALIEN INVASION HANDBOOK

Stuck for Christmas ideas this year? Want to get that certain someone a present that a). they’ll like, b). will keep them occupied for hours and c). might just save their life? Look no further.

alieninvasionMy good friend SEAN PAGE has released a follow up to last year’s smash hit ZOMBIE SURVIVAL HAYNES MANUAL. This year he’s turned his attention to the ever-present threat of ALIEN INVASION. As always, Sean’s take on things is frighteningly comprehensive, and incredibly funny. Looking for an authoritative history of alien contact? It’s here. Want to know how to prep yourself for the aliens’ arrival? Sean’s your man. First-contact protocols, alien combat techniques, space defences… this book covers everything.

You can get hold of a copy now from Amazon, The Book Depository, Hive, Indiebound, Waterstones, WHSmith and many other retailers.

And I don’t know if Sean was trying to tell me something or if this really was a genuine mix-up by the good folk at Haynes, but the Alien Invasion manual wasn’t the first book they sent me…

Pie book

The Omega Man blog 2014

Regular visitors here will know my friend Sean T Page. He’s a man of many talents, not least as author of the Zombie Survival Haynes Manual (soon to be followed by the Alien Invasion Manual – I kid you not!), and head honcho over at the Ministry of Zombies. Sean’s also one of the linchpins of Moody’s Survivors.

Sean, cunningly disguised as Shaun, with his invaluable guide (photo: Grace Elkin -

Sean, cunningly disguised as Shaun, with his invaluable guide (photo: Grace Elkin –

You might also remember that, last year, Sean sealed himself into a bunker for five days and blogged about his experiences. You can remind yourself of that at this link. Well, this year he’s back with another survival challenge: the Sinai desert. He’s just returned from a week in Egypt, and you can watch his fascinating video blogs here: