Autumn: Disintegration – meet ‘The Swimmer’

I always get nervous as the release of a new book approaches, but the anxiety levels are climbing higher than usual with AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION. I think it’s because some of you have been waiting so long to read this one. It was a massive relief, therefore, to receive these positive words from Library Journal…

“In Disintegration, the best installment, Moody ventures into Lord of the Flies territory. The juxtaposition of the two groups of survivors and the consequent tension between them produces excruciating suspense… The ending is utterly chilling and seems quite final, although Moody’s website indicates Autumn: Aftermath is in the works and will conclude the series.”

Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing you to some of the characters from the book with new stories at This week: ever wondered about the significance of the image on the US cover (see below)? Let me explain. Here’s the prologue from the new book. Meet The Swimmer.