New This is Horror podcast interview

I’ve always been very grateful for the support of the THIS IS HORROR team, and I always enjoy chatting with Michael Wilson and Bob Pastorella. I’ve been fortunate to appear on their podcast on a number of occasions, and my most recent conversation with Michael and Bob is now available for your listening pleasure. We cover all kinds of stuff in this one, including CHOKEHOLD and THE BLEED (about which I’ll have exciting news very soon). Click here or on the graphic below to listen.

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Also, keep an eye out for head-honcho Michael Wilson’s soon to be released novella, THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO. It’s brilliant.


A while back I told you I was writing a novel with CHRIS PHILBROOK and MARK TUFO. It won’t be long before the book – the first in a series – hits the shelves. Today I’m pleased to share the title and the awesome cover art with you. Great work by DEAN SAMED. Can’t wait for you to get your hands on RUPTURE, book one of THE BLEED.