Waterstone’s, Colchester Culver Square

It’s always disappointing to hear of any bookstore closing, but this is particularly sad. Those of you in the UK will probably know that the Waterstone’s chain is struggling with reducing sales and a debt issue, and that it’s closing 60 stores – roughly 10% of its total UK high street presence. I’ve just heard that the Colchester Culver Square branch – where I’ve had a couple of signing events – is closing this Sunday.

Of course, Waterstone’s situation is, unfortunately, not that unusual in an industry which is changing almost by the day and which is struggling on many levels. Corporate decisions like this are easy to gloss over when they’re just another announcement amongst many on the TV news, and it’s easy to forget the impact they have on people’s lives.

So I just wanted to say thank you and good luck to the staff of the Culver Square branch. In particular, thanks to Mark Goddard (Mark’s also an author and runs the www.snakebitehorror.co.uk site), and Adam Hart, the store’s horror buyer. Back in 2006, Adam came across the AUTUMN books and got in touch. He was instrumental in helping me get my Infected Books editions into a decent number of Waterstone’s branches across the country (and as anyone who’s tried to get self-published books stocked in bricks and mortar bookstores will tell you, that’s no mean feat). He ended up appearing in HATER as a thank you!

So thanks again to all at Waterstone’s Culver Square. I wish you the very best for the future.