17 DAYS – casting call (kind of)

I’ve mentioned a few times recently that the novel I’m currently working on is called 17 DAYS. All things being equal, I’m hoping to have the writing finished by this time tomorrow. Another week or so of final edits and tidying up etc., and the book should be with my agent by the second week in February.

When it’s all done and dusted, I’ll tell you more about it. In the meantime, I’m after a little help.

whoWhen you learn more about the book, you’ll see that the story lends itself to a very specific type of promotion. Whether it’s to sell the book to publishers or to support the eventual release of the novel itself, I want to get a head-start on that promotional aspect now. I’m looking for someone to front a very lo-fi video – possibly a series of videos – recreating scenes from the novel. I need someone who can act, but at the same time act natural. As is usual for my books, our hero is a very ordinary chap!

So, if you’re male, British, aged between 27 and 35, and you’re interested in getting involved, please drop me a line at davidmoody@djmoody.co.uk and I’ll let you have more details. Thanks in advance.

Right. Back to it!

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