The Classic Horror Campaign 2011 Halloween Challenge

I’ve posted about this brilliant initiative before (click here). Those UK readers of a certain age will no doubt remember the classic horror double-bills which used to be shown late at night on BBC TV. Back in the day they were the only way for us horror fans to get our fix!

The team behind this most excellent campaign are at it again (to be fair, they’ve never stopped!). Please click here to read about their 2011 Halloween Challenge. They’re hoping to get more than 2000 signatures on their online petition before they present it to the BBC. They’re almost there, so please sign up and help smash the 2000.

There’s a serious aspect to this too. Kids today (wow, I’m starting to sound like my dad…) are missing out on a wealth of horror treasures – the same wonderful movies which originally attracted me and countless other writers and film-makers to the genre. In a world drowning in over-sanitized, over-stylized remakes, re-imaginings, reboots and sequels, we owe it to ourselves to get these films back in the public eye. Please sign the petition, and blog, tweet etc. about the campaign if you feel so inclined.

Oh, and if you’re in London on Sunday 13th November, why not head along to the Roxy Bar and Screen where the Classic Horror Campaign will be screening Konga and Frogs.

Bring classic horror back to the BBC

I don’t know how many of you are like me… thirty-something (very close to forty-something) and UK based. If you’re not then this post may not be relevant. Sorry about that, but this is something I’m passionate about!

Growing up as a young horror fan in the UK in the 1980’s, it was bloody hard to find any decent movies to watch. Dumb politicians, moralistic idiots and misguided religious fools conspired to strip our shelves of everything even mildly horrific.

Some of my earliest horror movie memories came as a result of the ‘Horror Double Bills’ which used to screen on the BBC, late on a Saturday night. There you could see Universal monster movies back-to-back with sumptuous Hammer and Amicus classics. Just click here for a taste of the superb selection of seminal horror we used to enjoy.

But, without anyone really noticing, the Horror Double Bills died out, and were replaced, on the whole, with blandness: reality TV shows, endless repeats, 24 hour news etc. etc.

I was really pleased to hear that a campaign to bring Classic Horror back to BBC TV in the UK has been started, and I wanted to ask all you UK readers to show your support. There’s a website, a Facebook page and even a petition. Please add your voice!

This isn’t just a nostalgia trip for old buggers like me. These films really were instrumental in switching me on to horror, and I don’t think I’d be writing the books I write today if it hadn’t been for those Saturday nights spent creeping back downstairs to watch TV after my parents had gone to bed, or staying up late in the school holidays and being scared half to death by Quatermass, Captain Kronos,  Doctor Phibes and the like. Let’s get these films back on the box!