New edition of AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION out today

The UK mass-market paperback edition of AUTUMN: DISINTEGRATION is released today by Gollancz. For those who missed it first time around, here’s the spiel:

“Forty days have passed since the end of the world began. Billions of people were killed in less than a day and now the entire world is rotting. Everything is disintegrating… Survivors are few and far between in this deadly environment, and those who are still alive are forced to deal with a nightmare situation: the scale of the devastation is unprecedented. The shadowy landscape is swarming with the dead, their decaying bodies deteriorating day by day. Limited by their appalling physical condition, the only emotions they are able to display are anger, rage and hate and yet, remarkably, they are becoming more controlled. They are becoming self-aware, and they will defend themselves at all costs.

A group of eleven men and woman have managed to survive against the odds, protected by the geography of the land and sheltering in a derelict block of flats. They have been surrounded for weeks, but they have always been in control. Until now. For the bodies are advancing. The situation is changing.”

I’ll talk more about the book in my ongoing AUTUMN retrospective very soon. In the meantime, I have a guest post today over at the brilliant Book Chick City where I talk about zombie preparedness, and how wondering how I’d cope with the living dead inspired me to write DISINTEGRATION. You’ll also find a great giveaway there – answer a (very) simple question for a chance to win one of three signed sets of the the first four AUTUMN novels courtesy of Gollancz.

I’ve got a few more guest posts lined up over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out for them. Here’s one I twittered and facebooked about but didn’t mention here – an interview with My Bookish Ways from last weekend.