Soul Survivors – Hometown Tales (Volume One)

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Moody’s Survivors: the incredible group of writers, artists, and associated crazy people who gather together on Facebook to talk about writing books, watching films, and pretty much anything else you could imagine. They’re a great group of folks, and I’m honoured that they continue to meet together under my name.

And those same Survivors have now gone and done something pretty incredible: they’ve released their own anthology, and a damn fine read it is too! Thirteen very different visions of the end of the world, with one thing in common – they’re all told from the perspective of the last man/woman left standing: the sole survivor.

Sincere congratulations to everyone involved in this project. If you want to read more about the book, click here. Or why not click here and join Moody’s Survivors –  you’d be hard-pushed to find a nicer group of crazy, funny, thoughtful, dedicated zombie and horror-addicts!