Brain eating, book signings and Wicker Trees

As I mentioned in my post last Friday, I had a lot planned for the weekend just gone. Some thankyous are now in order…

Thanks to Adele, Vince and the rest of the UN:BOUND team for organising a thoroughly enjoyable zombie shoot on Saturday. You’ll get to see their full video next month, but for now here’s a brief teaser:

[youtube E8ye1tDOTpA nolink]

Thanks also to fellow authors Wayne Simmons and Jasper Bark for being such great sports, and to all the volunteer zombies who showed up on the day. And a special mention to Jenny Jackson for her stunning makeup work.

On Sunday, my annual pilgrimage to the Grimm Up North festival was the best yet. Apart from being able to watch THE DEAD (more about that later in the week), and talk about zombies in front of a large and appreciative audience, I was also lucky enough to meet director Robin Hardy (THE WICKER MAN) and take in a showing of his new movie THE WICKER TREE.

Thanks to Sim, Rachel, Steve, Laura and everyone else involved with Grimm for their hospitality and tireless enthusiasm. Maybe I’ll be able to introduce a Moody movie myself there next year (but that’s a story for another blog post…)